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Write now your birthday's messages, auto-published on your friends wall the good day

Create and send to all your friends free online cards

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Create ecards and announcements to your image, use your pictures and vidéos on one of our 450 models
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Import your address book or use Facebook to invite your friends
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Customize your message
Add easily and quickly texts, pictures, musics and videos
Add music ou record yourself
Use your webcam to record an audio or video message to surprise your friends
Send using email, Facebook, Twitter
Invite your friends without using an email
Google Map Integration
Help your guests with google maps added to the ecard
No need to register
Your recipients doesn't need an account to see your ecard and to interact with you
Relaunch your recipients
Manage ecards and sends knowing who has seen or viewed your ecard.

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Baptême et Communion Ecard
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